Articles: 2013

01-01-13 Picture Book: Frustrations of the Card Designer Part 1
01-06-13 Information Extraction: Tentative Jonin Event Locations
01-12-13 Competition and Research Tour: Holiday Contest Answer and Explanation
01-21-13 Musings of a Hermit: Get Ready for Some Content
01-26-13 Stormy Battle: The Beginning of Set 28, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Previews & Reviews!
01-27-13 Ninja Info Cards: Biju Wasn't With Me Shooting in the Gym
02-02-13 Stormy Battle: Preview Review Part 2
02-03-13 Ninja Info Cards: The Mixed Child of the Seven Swordsman
02-09-13 Stormy Battle: Preview Review Part 3 "Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts and Gintaku Oh My!"
02-10-13 Ninja Info Cards: Useless Characters Unite
02-11-13 Musings of a Hermit: Are We Not Credible?
02-16-13 Stormy Battle: Preview Review Part 4 "It's What You've All Been Waiting for Ain't It?"
02-17-13 Ninja Info Card: Moving On...
02-24-13 Stormy Battle: Preview Review Part 5 "White Eyes, Flashing Bursts, Cursed Blood, &..."
02-24-13 Ninja Info Cards: You Gotta Keep 'Em Separated
03-04-13 Information Extraction: The Super Card List Tracker Strikes Again!
03-10-13 Picture Book: And Yet They Feed Us Tokens From The Tablecloth
03-23-13 Mist's Greatest Swordsman: New York Jonin Event
03-31-13 Three Man Squads: But not a Ménage à trois
04-19-13 Research Tour: Opposites Rule
05-01-13 Never Ending Love: Bandai Mulls to Four & Scoops


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