February 11, 2013

So recently, I noticed a spike in traffic from two really odd locations.  One of them being Saiyan Island Forums, a place that talks about anime and manga and stuff.  The other was the Naruto Viz Forums, which is the forum that is directly connected to the Naruto.com website where you can watch week late subs of Naruto Shippuden. I thought to myself, why am I getting hits from such obscure locations that have nothing to do with the Naruto CCG? Investigating, I realized that it wasn't at all because of the Naruto CCG, at least not directly, but because of Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

Apparently, ever since Bandai started posting previews on Facebook, the people who all are hyped up over the game have been using the previewed cards to help reinforce their speculation on the list of playable characters for the game.  That makes sense I suppose, since Andy did say that all the images were from the game, so if there is a Ninja card of a character, they're in the game in some form.  What I wasn't expecting was for there to be a large portion of forumites calling our exclusive previews out on being Fake. This sort of threw me for a loop.  Why would they be calling our preview fakes?  Apparently, because it wasn't posted on the official Bandaicg Facebook.  So, first, I'd like to thank Andy for not at least giving everyone a heads up via the Facebook page that there were going to be other previews on other Credible websites.  I can't be angry really, since I don't think anyone expected people to be so block headed as to assume "Not on Facebook not Real."  It isn't like other card games dispense previews to other websites that aren't Pokemon.com or Wizards.com. Oh wait, yeah they do.

I don't know why, but I felt obliged to take 10 minutes out of my day to make accounts on both forums and attempt to fill everyone in on how they were mistaken.  Saiyan Island seemed to take kindly enough to it, even though I was told not to talk off topic due to my post.  I don't know how the Viz Naruto forums have received my mind blowing revelation yet though, but I'll be sure to at least check maybe later.

The point being is this though, is this website not credible enough for sources of information?  Does our mere 34 Likes on our Facebook Page that I did offhand mean that we aren't popular enough to merit actually listening to what we have to say? (Or apparently even reading the part that says Exclusive Previews Given To Us By Bandai Directly).  What should I do to increase our credibility? Should I make posters and stuff?  Or would something as simple as asking Tylar or Andy to just say "Hey, places like Mull to Four and 2ezForums are legit sources of information about the game." Because apparently Pojo is official  even though they aren't specifically endorsed by Bandai either. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

If you hadn't caught on, it's still technically Monday, which means that this was my Monday Rant article.  I'm going to happily link you to the forums I mentioned above, specifically to the pages that I discovered the dubious nature of human beings. Feel free to read them, and even make an account and let everyone know "Hey, Shino'sDad and MJM are cool guys who don't ever post fake cards" (At least not with the intent of saying These Are Real) [Ok I did that once or twice back on The Perfect Curve, but it was all in good fun].

You might have to read in a few pages for each to really get an idea of just how shallow these people can be, but it's worth it.

Saiyan Island Discussion about the Fake Mull to Four Previews 

Naruto Viz Forums Discussion about the Fake Mull to Four Previews 

After closer inspection, it seems that the same guy, -Haku Yuki- is the one decrying us in both instances.  Let's give him a large round of applause for being a shallow misinformed human being.

MJM had a rant, but he didn't finish it. Maybe next week. Until then, stay angry on Monday everyone.

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  1. Just epic! is the crude attempt to cross the paths of gamers and card players, I know several people who do both, but anyone with some experience in card game knows that you are a serious to page. Internet allows this sort of thing that any idiot can discredit a product but more that you pay attention to these people should know there is a group of people that we know and the valuable information they have and also share, so the fuck stupid people and continue their work to people waiting each post and also admire his work.

    Saludos desde Santiago de Chile!!

  2. i tried to defend you people, cause i thought to myself, why would you show me something fake, i think -Haku Yuki- is angry because he won't admit the truth, that Obito (child) might be playable, cause till then i didn't have issues with posting pictures from you guys on viz, so it seems it is anger caused by something he didn't want in his game, and therefore didn't wanted to believe.
    from Shinyi2604 viz forums,

    1. Good hearing from you! Normally these Monday articles are done rather tongue in cheek, but this situation just somewhat rubbed me the wrong way. Thanks for the support!

  3. i'm from saiyan island forums and i believe you. i've seen you Shino's Dad (lol so funny) in their too! i PMed saiyan to put your cards on their homepage and to source you. that should establish your credibility. you PM him too since 2 is more powerful than 1.


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