February 2, 2013

So this week, the week of Sunday, January 27th, we've had some crazy previews. They revealed most of the Seven Swordsmen theme, it's strange we're missing one, the reanimator himself, and started to reveal the Jinchuriki and their Tailed Beasts. Hit the jump for the reviews.

Before we get into it, note that the [Impure Resurrection] cards will be reviewed ignoring their Sacrifice, especially since there are several cards that actually let ignore it. Also, I won't be doing much speculation or analysis on the Seven Swordsmen since Shino'sDad did most of that last week and we actually have seen them already.

The Wielder of the Lightning Blade

Any anime-lover will know who the real owner of these twin blades was, Raiga. Remember all the Raiga cards we had? Neither do I. That's why I took the time to link you guys to his first, second, and third incarnations. Anyways, Ringo is better than each version of her "successor". Her effect is arguably the best of all the Seven Swordsmen within this set. She basically causes Outstanding Victories when you use her effect, especially with those stats. Also, note that I didn't know Ringo was a female until I saw the card.

Fang's Rush is also arguably the best Jutsu of the Seven Swordsmen. The fact that it can confiscate a card out of your opponent's Hand is ridiculous, even without the pump. Due to the vast amount of users this Jutsu has, I can guarantee this card being played heavily. Also, Fang's Rush can be used as early as Turn 0, since many good Weapon Ninja have low Turn Markers, such as Temari or Tsukado. Oddly enough, this is probably the only Jutsu of the Seven Swordsmen that has a worse Expert effect in relation to its regular effect. The chances of your opponent holding a Ninja card with the same name as one of their Ninjas is slim in this format, however you still have the option.

The Wielder of the Sewing Blade

So Ari is the Swordsmen with the coolest design and one of the most interesting blades. Ari's stats aren't that amazing for his turn, especially since he has Sacrifice, but his effect is really unique and flavorful in regard to the actual story. Ari is a Striking Shadow Snake/Liger Bomb/Magnetic Power on a stick, put slightly intended. He's relatively useful in that he can force a block. Many players leave their annoying Ninjas to the side later in the game, such as Shino or Shimon, but Kushimaru can force it to battle and give a Damage to it as well, which in most cases will turn off the effects of said annoying Ninjas.

Sewing Needle's Rush is pragmatically the best Seven Swordsmen Jutsu. Two injures for 3 Chakra is nothing to scoff at. Not to mention if Ari uses it, it kills one of them. Sewing Needle's Rush is definitely a strong card that change the status of the board. My only problem with it is that it should give the target a Damage so you can combo it with Ari himself. Nonetheless, it is an amazing Jutsu.

The Demon of the Mist

It's obvious that this Zabuza is a rehashed version of [Bottomless Power], however [Bottomless Power] was ten times better. This Zabuza has no real use. It's true that he can be a 10 Combat when his effect is utilized, however so long as [Bottomless Power], among many others, is in Unlimited and [Blade of the Ogre], among a few others, is in Block. I really want to say something good about the card, but there's not much to say. Honestly, there hasn't been a good Zabuza in a while.

Hiding in the Mist is pretty much Hidden Mist Jutsu on a stick. Hidden Mist Jutsu was pretty good since it was Water's best, and only, Jutsu negation. Despite this, the same traits do not carry over to the Mission. The Mission is a -2 from Hand that has the ability to negate one Jutsu, two if you are losing. Not to mention the Jutsu is sent back to hand and your opponent knows you have a negation ready. This card isn't really part of the route Water should be taking right now. Nonetheless, it's not terrible, it's just overshadowed by better cards.

Master of the Seven Swords

Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this guy; I didn't even realize he was going to be created. He is actually a really good card. He has strong stats, a little weak when injured though, and an even stronger effect. He lets you copy the effect of a "Weapon" Ninja in your Discard Pile for your turn. The options are endless. The best thing about this effect design is the synergy with most other [Impure Resurrection] + "Weapon" Ninja. He copies their effect and then removes them for the cost of their effect. Overall, he's a solid card that acts as a toolbox when you fill up your Discard Pile. The only problem is his late Entrance Cost.

Without an errata, this card is not good. With an errata that changes "can use" to "may use", this card is still not good. In theory the card is amazing. Pick up a bunch of Jutsu and then cast them all, right? Wrong. Even though the Weapon Jutsu, especially in this Set, are relatively strong, none of them will wipe teams or remove Ninja. This Jutsu would probably see more play if it had more users, but since the only user is Turn 6 with Sacrifice, it won't. It would've even been better if you got the [Expert] effects of all the Jutsu, since the [Expert] effects actually damage/discard Ninjas.

The Salamander

Can we please get this Hanzo back? I won't say this one is bad, but I won't say it'll see tons of play either. His effect is really cool, he's a bomb pretty much. He can wipe a whole team out if you have 2 copies of him in the Discard Pile. Great effect, the only problem is his Entrance Cost. When you drop a 6 Drop, chances are you want that guy in play. While it is true that he puts pressure on the opponent, he just isn't as strong as you'd want him to be.

Sickle Fog is a nice pump to be honest. A +3/+3 for two Chakra than can be a +6/+6 or +9/+9 is really cool. However, all the other Weapon Jutsu create fierce competition for this card. This card might be cool in Limited, which I'm sure it was made for, but other than that I doubt it'll see much play.

The Reanimator

I knew for a fact that we weren't going to see another Super Rare, or big, Kabuto. I didn't expect this though. I honestly thought we were going to get a Kabuto that moved removed from game cards back to the Discard Pile. I'm fine with this too though. He lets you ignore Sacrifice for your [Impure Resurrection] Ninjas, which is always good. It's a good thing he doesn't have great stats or he'd be a force to be reckoned with. Well... he does have good stats. A Turn 0 Jonin means Bandai does  not care about Unlimited and the 5 Mental Power means you'll expect to see a lot of Mental Power in your early game. Oh, and his first effect.
Well that's for...

... This Jutsu. The Jutsu is pretty much a bad Summoning Jutsu: Pain for [Impure Resurrection]. The cost is too much of a specific symbol for a primarily Void theme. Also, the requirements are way too strict. If you're playing [Impure Resurrection], you're playing the above Kabuto, who can only be a Turn 6 if you have 6 [Impure Resurrection] Ninjas in your Discard Pile. This is hard to do when you're constantly removing them for effects. Also, Kabuto becomes a Turn 3 once you use this...

The Host of the Two Tails

So I was surprised to see that the Jinchuriki would be in this set. I was more surprised to see that the reanimated ones would have Sharingan Eye and Rinnegan. I was even more surprised to see that they had have such good stats. Yugito, without her effect, is nuts. She has access to a huge amount of Jutsu and she has Preta Path stats. Also, did you notice the 2 Mental Power two down from the Jonin? Yeah, she's a really good card. And her effect let's you bring Two Tails out two turns early.

Two Tails can be a Turn 0 if your opponent has no cards in Hand, a little nod to Earth's original theme of Hand Control. The second effect is weird though. The recursion seems out of place on the card; I honestly was expecting it discard a card from your opponent's hand. This card is pretty straight forward. After it's in play, you get an effect, and then it's a beat stick. 

A beat stick with access to an amazing Jutsu. Cat Fire Bowl is ridiculous... and I'm just talking about its name. The card is one of the strongest Jutsu I've seen in a while. For two chakra, you rid your opponent's board of two Ninja. This wouldn't be such an amazing Jutsu if we didn't have a Turn 3 Two Tails in format...
Going first with this in hand and a Two Tails on Turn 3 seems pretty good. Something tells me Overwhelming Hunger is going to see a lot more play...

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the review. Remember we'll have one every Saturday. Also, remember to check back tomorrow for two exclusive previews for Set 28: Ultimate Ninja Storm. See ya then.

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