March 10, 2013

So I know that I promised the final two parts of the Stormy Battle Series by Friday, but with the such rush of the Information Extraction happening, and a few other things occupying both staff member's time, we never were able to fully finish it. Regardless, I'll likely be posting an overall summary on Set 28 soon, as well a few articles on some new decks that have sprung up with the release of the new set.  I did have time to do a bit of interesting things last night though. Hit the jump to find out what...

In Set 28, there is a a Jutsu, Summoning: Gedo Statue, which makes a 20/20 Gedo Statue Token. While it's nearly impossible to play the Jutsu because of it's additional cost, everyone seemed to want a custom token to go with the Jutsu. After a bit of photo shop magic, I threw together a Ninja coin (token) template, which only contains the information tokens usually have (So no Combat Attribute, Element Symbol, Characteristics, or Effect Name). After I finished the Gedo token, I took the liberty to make a handful of different Insect Tokens, as well as Spore and Golem tokens. Those are all the current tokens that can be produced. If I happened to miss any, let me know. So without further ado, the fruits of my labor...

Golem coins are put in play by Golem Technique, and Spore coins are put in play by Sporulation Jutsu

Gedo Statue is put in play via Summoning: Gedo Statue

These tokens were made purely as a fan work, for no profit whatsoever. You are free to print them out and use them for your games, but please Do Not try and print and sell them, even for a quarter.

Once you save them, the adjusted size for printing is 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch. Put them in front of any other card in a sleeve (Make sure to use a different color sleeve than your Main, Side, and Reinforcement).

I plan to redo the Gedo Statue with new artwork sometime soon, and I will also update this post with White Zetsu and Black Zetsu coins, as well as an Insect coin without Non-Unique that is made by a the Super Rare Shino. If anyone has any requests for other tokens or different images for tokens, let me know in the comments below. Also be sure to check out Facebook Page, as we post whenever we update here.

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  1. Miss chimera coin and coin from animal path

  2. Great job! These are really awesome!

  3. does the scizor token have technician and bullet punch?

  4. You also forgot the coins for N1560 (Zetsu)

  5. My request is a Non-Unique Insect Ninja coin with Weedle. You know, Weedle is a classic. It would be really appreciated! :D You could even make an "Itachi Clone" Ninja coin, even though Set 25 Itachi doesn't see play. You're doing a great job btw!


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