March 31, 2013

So it seems with Shino'sDad and MJM being so busy lately, they needed someone new to keep the content flowing. Reaching out, they contacted me, citing my vast knowledge of the rules of the game as well as the current meta. I am honored to join the crew and hope that everyone enjoys the articles I plan to set forth. Sorry for any odd auto corrections that I don't catch, I am posting this from my phone.

(Sorry I don't know how to make it do the break on this phone).

More Articles-

Deck Articles

Apparently, our first (and currently only) Deck Article about the Permanent Earth deck was pretty popular and week received by most. We intend to continue this with more new articles with the same format, especially now that the new format is in full swing as shown by this weekend's Shonen Jump Championship. MJM will be recording matches as well, recreated with intense Photoshop skills and including audio commentary from both himself and Shino'sDad, with me making a few appearances as well when my phone allows.

Preview and Preview Review Articles

These usually don't come too often, since new sets only release every three or four months, but the month or so leading up to the release dates are always filled with review articles as we did with Set 28, and we will most assuredly be receiving exclusive previews once more for Set 29. Shino'sDad does want to apologize for the last week of Stormy Battle articles, since both he and MJM were busy, and then the whole Information Extraction thing happened again, and took precedence over finishing the review articles. Speaking of which, be sure to keep an eye out for any interesting exclusive information if we ever stumble upon it. Since Ultimate Minus Storm 3 released in early March, we should be seeing Set 29's release slotting sometime in early June. This means that previews should start up later in April, and span through the month of May. We'll be sure to let you know ahead of time as soon as we have any information.

Monday Rants and Picture Books

Mondays have always usually been for rants, and today will likely be no exception. Be sure to keep an eye out for Shino'sDad rant about his secondhand perspective of the events of the New York Shonen Jump. Don't worry though, the names of the innocent will be left out, while the names of the guilty will be in 25 font bold italics.

Picture Book is the random article series that is our way of pointing things out about the design of the game as well as designing things For the game, such as Shino'sDad article that included printable token Ninjas (SD Edit: They're called coins). Though, the latter will be likely moved to it's own special section that we will discuss further down.


While actual video interviews are likely going to be saved exclusively for when we attend actual events and do some form of coverage during them, audio interviews are something that we will be trying to aim for in this coming tournament season. With the New York Shonen Jump behind us, veteran players and unknown names alike secured themselves spots in the Top 8, being the first big names to be on display this season. Thomas Veazie (pyrot53 of 2ezforums Blog) took first place, beating out Scott 'Dashy' (Genre) using the Tears and Rebirth deck designed by Saul Pena (zbkillaz), who was quoted while expressing his enthusiasm over the turnout by stating “Ladies and gentlemen, I have created a monster”. While we would love to run a deck review on the winning Deck, we are going to definitely leave that to its pilot or creator to do a review. Be sure to check out either 2ezforums or Klowstr1fe on You Tube for the eventual video review. As for us, we plan to try and get a few interviews of the rest of the Top 8 as well, and their explanations on their decks they chose to play as well as if they think the format will change at all as time goes on, or if the Tailed Beast/ Fang's Rush Deck may be the new powerhouse Deck for the competitive scene.

Downloads Section

We will also be adding a new page to the blog, where we will be uploading various things that range from custom tokens, to custom mat designs. As time goes on, we will continue adding new resources that we come up with.

A possible planned page as well would be a sort of Mull to Four trade corner, where we will be posting our current cards and mats for trade or sale.

As for me, I will be doing occasional articles called Being the Fool, which will focus on Laughing Man's inability to properly do Q&A, as well as my observations on how certain rules are done. Hopefully, I will be able to open other people's eyes to the terrible way that Bandai writes their cards, and urge everyone to voice their concern about these extremely confusing and vague answers that Tylar and the rest supply us. I cannot tell you how many times I have waited an entire day for a Q&A response and not received one. Also, I will be doing Unlimited Deck articles, as that is my favorite format. Currently, I am working on a Fool based Rush deck that aims to punish the overuse of cards such as Ino (Childhood) and Shikamaru [Outwit]. It would include the two Fool Brothers Eon and Eric Hill, as well as Being the Fool and The Fool and the Elite Mission cards. Anyone who thinks that it won't be a good deck is likely very foolish.

That's it for me. I hope everyone has a great April. Be sure to check out the Mull to Four Facebook Page for any new updates that are posted!

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