December 15, 2012

So Shino'sDad and I were bored earlier and decided to actually go through on what we said we would a week or two ago. That's right, we made a video, technically... We didn't, we just provided commentary on someone else's game. Hit the jump for the video.

Just note that even though this is the first Electronic Scoreboard, we did one before this. We refer to that a few times but don't worry, we'll put that up soon enough. I'd recommend watching the videos on YouTube, since it is very small on the blog. As for now, please subscribe, thumbs-up, and enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. What site/program are they using in the videos?


    these two people are terrrible lulz but fun games to watch.

  3. Please note that we are not affiliated or endorse the use of any third party software that allows you to play the Naruto CCG on the computer. If one day Bandai decides to take the game online somehow, we will fully support that venture.

    Mull to Four

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