December 25, 2012

So after a bit of deliberation on what exactly we might do for a contest, my Weekend Q&A Extravaganza (which will extend past the weekend into all along the holiday week) inspired me to do a contest that deals with something I am the most involved in, the rules of the game. After a bit of perusing around and play testing a bunch of decks, I have decided the best way to test the knowledge of other players, as well as the best way to make you all wrack your brains in order to win something, is to give you all the brain twister in the form of having to properly work out a game state scenario. 

By that, I mean I am going to give you a pretend board state, as if you were actually playing the Naruto CCG. I will then give you a moment in the game that I want you to play out, with all the relevant information given to you.  Those who give me the correct answer (and I expect only a few), will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize. Based on the number of entries as well as the number of correct answers, additional prizes will be drawn for as well. Below is all the important information you will need.

Your Field

These are all of your in play cards that you need to worry about, as they have some sort of impact on the actions that can be taken or not. I have them listed in this order for a specific reason, which is listed below.

Hotaru Katsuragi [Tsuchigumo's Heir] (Currently Flashpointed)
Hotaru Katsuragi [Tsuchigumo's Heir]  (Currently Flashpointed)
Tenten [Endless Arsenal]
Shikamaru Nara [Outwit]
Ino Yamanaka (Childhood) [Academy Training]  (Please note that Ino has an Errata)
Asuma Sarutobi [Mentor for the Future]
Giant Eagle

Your Task

It is the start of your turn. Place the start of turn triggers of the above Ninjas on the chain in the order they appear, and then resolve them all properly, including any other effects that may trigger in the process   Assume you have No Revitalize cards in your deck. All cards in your hand are also Earth cards. You have four cards in your hand.

The Order

x2 Hotaru (Flashpointed)
Ino Yamnaka (Childhood)
Asuma Sarutobi

The best way to answer each step would be a numbered list, which you describe what you're adding to the chain and the actions necessary to do so. The same goes for when you make the list of resolving effects. Give me a numbered list and what action you take as each effect resolves.

I have attached a video of the scenario in order to give everyone a bit of visual help.

A Hint

I am feeling a bit generous due to the Holiday spirit, so I will give you one hint in order to help you solve this puzzle. The very last action that you should have on your entry, to know that it is complete, is that you Draw your 1 card for the turn.

The Rest

Entries should be submitted to with the message named, "Mull to Four Contest". Please include your Name (and Bandai forum name if applicable), as well as your solution either in the body of the email or as a text file attachment.  The Deadline for all entries is January 11th.  On January 12th, we will release the solution video as well as the names of those who won.

NOTE: While it isn't possible to cheat exactly, we will be carefully reading each entry. Duplicate entries that are submitted under different names will both be ignored. It is very unlikely that two different people will type and format their answers in the exact same manner, word for word, space for space. 

Prizes will include but will not be limited to: Deck boxes, Play Mats, and Target Promos. Good luck everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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