December 10, 2012

So as you might know, I am completely and utterly flabbergasted by the ignorance and over all poor knowledge over the Naruto CCG that has been pouring through the cracks ever since Bandai started posting their previews for Set 27 Hero's Ascension on Facebook instead of the main website page for the game itself.

Now, you'll get to see plenty of hilarious quotes from people in the next two weeks, as MJM and I review the Super Rares this week, and then all next week, we break down the top cards of each element and offer our opinions on how it might change the meta game once the new set is legal. But for now, I just wanted to take a moment to rant about a particularly irritating moment that happened today that has to deal with the new Ino that was previewed.

It's actually rather funny, that her effect name is [Abrasive Attitude], because that's exactly what I ran into today. The following is the comment section from Facebook about this card. Names were not blurred because you can easily go and look on Facebook yourself to see who said what, so why waste the time.

Standard stuff. I notice that someone mentions that she can protect against Killer Bee (Version 2), which she cannot (I will address this further tomorrow during my review of that exact card, actually), so I offer him a quick correction on the fact, since I'm a nice guy.

Note: Yes, my profile picture is a Scrafty, get on my level.

A few people point out some applications for her, and I explain that KB (V2) doesn't target the Head Ninja directly, and thus can't be stopped by Ino. I appear to encounter someone who disagrees. No biggy, I'll just show him the card text. Maybe he thinks it says "Target Head Ninja of the opposing Team..." especially since targeting is sort of important now that effects exist that specifically don't target (Oh wow, like KB V2).

So apparently this goes further than not reading the card correctly. It's Ok though, because I explain that a card has to actually say "target" for it to be considered targeting a Ninja. I also answer the question about Suano'o (Sasuke), even though that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I also point out that the guy who created the cards themselves would probably say that I'm correct as well.
Whoa, wait what? So there is implied targeting? That doesn't make sense, sir. There are plenty of cards that don't target, and they don't imply targets. Also, Susano'o (Sasuke) doesn't actually target your opponent, because that isn't an existing thing in this game. You never target your opponent directly. You target their cards or you cause them to perform certain actions. Anyways, Tylar ends up appearing and laying the rule out flat. And MJM tells it like it is as well, for real. Thanks Tylar. Glad this is over, no hard feelings, Mr. Jordan.

Or maybe it isn't over. Sodium levels are off the charts, Captain! If you end up being wrong about something, I guess you don't owe up to it, you just trash the game and blame shitty rules. That makes plenty of sense. By the way, I didn't actually eat anything that salt would go good on, salt is terrible on home cook New York style pizza.

I look forward to showing you all more hilarious stuff in the coming two weeks.

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