December 1, 2012

Set 27, Hero's Ascension received an official release date of December 14th just recently, meaning that we have just two weeks until the set launches. In the mean time, Bandai has been feeding the public previews through the ever popular social media outlet known as Facebook. This has been both a blessing and a curse. While it allows easy and greater overall access to the card previews themselves, it has also brought a torrent of prospective players whom are none too keen on the actual rules of the game at times. Thankfully, we have plenty of perfectly intelligent folks out there who are more than willing to make sure we know just how bad Masked Man is...

Regardless, I have managed to work my magic and abscond three previews for your viewing pleasure. I'll be previewing one of them today, and the remaining two will be posted and discussed sometime over the next week, between other articles. Today's preview is a Lightning Jutsu, more specifically, a negation Jutsu.

So, we have a 1 cost negation that is specific to Jutsu with:
  1. 1 or less specific symbols in its cost.
  2. A total cost of 2 or less. 

What does that actually cover? Not a whole lot actually. Had it not had the stipulation of “1 or less specific symbols in its cost” for the target, even with the “Total cost of 2 or less” in its effect, then mostly any Jutsu currently played save for Dragon Flame Jutsu or Rasengan would be fair game. These two constraints combined though narrow the list of viable targets to mostly generic cost cards such as most Weapon requirement Jutsu, and a plethora of Jutsu that don't see play anyways.

Now, If we look at this card in relation to Only other Jutsu in Set 27, then this card actually negates almost every Jutsu previewed thus far, with the exception of: Mind Transfer: Puppet Curse Jutsu, Reaper Death Seal, and Rasengan. Two of those are Super Rares, 1 of which has no legal user previewed thus far, and the other requiring a Ninja who is himself a Super Rare. The third is a Rare, and while it has four possible users in the set, it is unlikely you'll see one during Sealed Deck or Draft.

“What does this mean, Shino'sDad?”

It means that the card has its uses in Limited formats, but is unlikely to see Constructed play unless we see a sudden surge of Jutsu that fit it's rather restrictive criteria. It doesn't help the card's case all too much when you consider that Toad Mouth Trap was also reprinted in the Set 27 starter decks as well, and we still have Frog Kumite and Art of the Raging Lion's Mane as perfectly viable Lightning negation cards.

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