Report: TAOP Special Jonin - Fresno, CA

The results of Team Allies Organized Play's West Coast Special Jonin are in!

Some of this weekend's competitors.

On Saturday June 3rd, Team Allies Organized Play, in conjunction with Juan Robles, held its first West Coast event in Fresno, California. 

Over the past few years, Team Allies have become the unlikely saviors of the Naruto CCG. Since the game's death in 2013, many have wished for the game's continuation through player-organized events and leadership. The first of these attempts was by our very own The Nose Path a few years back with his event at GenCon. Players have since organized their own smaller events at local hobby stores, but most recently Team Allies has taken the initiative to create organized play for the dead game. This is their second tournament effort and, from the looks of it, it was a resounding success!

More information is coming in as players return to their homes, but for now you can check out the Top 8 as well as some coverage.

1. Anthony Hernandez 
2. Eric Hill
3. Jonathan Taveras
4. James Hopkins
5. Levi Love
6. Eh'ren Hill
7. Bryan Samuel
8. Juan Romero

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Eh'ren Hill vs Brandon Gregory
Credit: Juan Robles
Eh'ren Hill vs ???
Credit: Eh'ren Hill
Yoshi Smith vs Juan Robles
Credit: Juan Robles
Top 8: Anthony Hernandez vs Levi Love
Credit: Eudi Germosen
Top 8: Eric Hill vs Bryan Samuel
Credit: Eric Hill
??? vs ???
Credit: Jason Smith
??? vs ???
Credit: Eudi Germosen

Any help in identifying players is much appreciated.

Thanks and congratulations goes out to Anthony Hernandez for organizing and winning the event. Great job to the Top 8 and much love to all who participated and made this possible. The future of the Naruto CCG looks bright!

Research Tour: Shino'sDad Has A Task

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, especially given that we had espoused earlier in the month about how we planned on getting the ball rolling again on the blog itself. It doesn't mean that any of us have forgotten about our promise of course, just that we've all been really busy lately. Despite that fact, we have at least been discussing more possibilities and deciding on projects that we all plan to individually pursue in the coming weeks. For me, it will be Naruto CCG related, and be something that has been a long time coming, considering that the community that still exists to a degree via the Facebook group has decided to embrace the larger overall Shippuden Format, which covers Set 11 and up, along with reprints.

So what exactly is it that I'm going to be working on? Well, it's actually something that I'd been doing before the game was cancelled last May, but I never had a chance to finish it and present it for official use. What I'm talking about is a card retexting file. If you play Magic the Gathering at all, you are likely familiar with something called the Oracle. The Oracle is the official text of a card that is meant for use in the game, which isn't always the same as what is actually printed on the physical card itself. Sometimes, it's because cards get erratas, other times it is clarifications on what the card does. A great deal of it though is the clean up of old cards that were worded poorly due to the time that they were printed, or cards that were worded a certain way because that's the way the rules worked back then. So what the Oracle did, was to consolidate every single card in the game to follow the same rules and all be written in a similar manner, following certain restrictions on the wording of the cards. All triggered effects will read the same, all activated effects will read the same, all replacement effects will read the same, and so on and so forth. Taking this in the direction of the Naruto CCG would be something like making sure all triggered effects were worded with "When", since some cards that predate I believe Set 15 used "If" a lot. Another example is the disuse of "at the beginning" in favor of "at the start". The retext would take the most recently used word choice and apply it across the board.

Card games that last as long as Naruto did, which was over 30 sets, are going to go through changes like this, and there were at least three significant changes to the core rules of the game in it's time, along with at least half a dozen random variations on certain wordings ('target' in Ninja effect text was a recent change over 'choose' and 'select'). Now, back to what I was saying before about this having been something I'd started and never gotten a chance to finish, I would have loved to simply be able to use the original spreadsheet that I was working with, but I no longer have access to it, and I'm not about to go asking people who might still have access to it to allow me to try and use it for anything. So, I have to start from scratch. Rather than going from Set 1 and on-wards though, I am going to start at Set 11, since that is the beginning of the Shippuden Format that is being used most wide spread. As of this writing, I'm about 50% done with Set 11, which I started on the 24th, and I put about three hours into it. So if each set takes about six hours, I could probably put out about two sets a week, maybe three. Now, assuming I only have to get up to Set 21 where the new effect templates had begun being used, that means it would take about three and a half weeks. But, we all know that isn't likely the case and that I'll be combing through Sets 21+ as well to make sure there isn't anything that is too out of whack.

You're probably wondering why I'm wasting my time doing this at all, and the answer is that I figure if people want to keep playing the game, they're going to want to be able to understand all these old cards that stopped seeing use because of the way Block Format rotated things out. Now that people are wanting to play with a new format that includes old cards that have outdated card text, this will make it easier on everyone, and possilby help promote more people getting into playing the game again, since it will sort of blend everything back together. I'll be sure to say more on the matter when I get a chance, but that's really it from me for now. Be sure to check back in to see what MJM and TheNosePath might be up to soon.

Old Faces, New Problems: Happy Two Thousand Mull-to-Fourteen!

Have you ever opened a hand and tossed it back just to do it again? That's right, I mean have you ever mulligan'd twice? In other words, have you ever mulled to four? I'm sure you have, but here's the catch. Have you ever mulled to four and kept going strong? Maybe you won with it. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you stacked your deck like Nick Brady did with his OTK—there's no fucking way it's that consistent Brady. I mean Jordan Markle scrubbed out with the same exact deck at the same exact event. Either you cheated or he's just awful at the game. I'll be content with the latter.

Never Ending Love: Bandai Mulls to Four & Scoops

It was the best of times, it west the worst of times. This game has been on a steady decline since around Set 16. The signs weren't obvious at first, but as the player base cried for better support of the game, the game continued to worsen. Cards were imbalanced, prize support was lacking, opportunity was scarce, and the player base was just awful. Yet, for some odd reason, we found hope in this declining card game; Bandai saw similar hope and pushed reform and change. But, despite all this, this game we all loved suddenly died. Died from what you ask? Simply put, a broken heart.

Before we continue, let's recount a few of the major events in history that has been associated with this day, May 1st.

  • Adolf Hitler's Death
  • Osama Bin Laden's Death
  • Naruto CCG's Death
  • MJM's AP United States History Final
  • The May flowers caused by April showers
Coincidence? We'll let the investigative team answer that one.

No but on a serious note, the end of the Naruto CCG is tragic. No one thought that the CCG would end before the series. But this is not the only thing that comes with such an event. Here's a list I've compiled of the consequences of this game's death.

  • Hundreds of YouTube channels have no purpose
  • Trade Cards Online loses a great portion of their activity
  • Odion F. Baby and kyuubirasengan actually have to go to school
  • pyrot53's credentials in the Naruto CCG mean nothing
  • spiritomb's questions will remain unanswered for the rest of eternity
  • Hundreds of collections that were once worth thousands are now worthless
  • All those packs in your local Target are still priced at $4
  • MJM is finally free from Bandai's grasp
Now for the question we've all been waiting for. Will Mull to Four still continue? That my friends, is up to you. Do you want us to continue posting content every now and then? And if so, about what? Leave a comment or discuss in the Bandai thread. See you all later... maybe...

Research Tour: Opposites Rule

Alright, so I promised more content, and I did mean it. Recently, I have just been rather busy helping my brother pack, as he is moving to California in a week, and since I don't see him nearly enough as it is, I took the time to help him out. But tonight, I was able to find time to write about something recent that has occurred, and has a lot of people in a bit of a fit. A few days ago, there was a rules change that went into effect that concerned certain effects that used the conditional phrase 'In that case' within the body of its effect text, rather than being a signifier as a break between what the Cost to activate the effect is, and what the actual Effect text that occurs is. You very rarely see it being used that way now a days anyways, due to the new activated Ninja effect template that began back in Set 21. Hit the jump and find out what that rules change was and how it effects a few cards...

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