December 10, 2012

What's better than a rant post from MJM on Monday? I can't think of anything else either. Today I'm going to be cutting into a media outlet of the Naruto CCG that isn't really as big as it is for other card games, YouTube. Don't get me wrong, YouTube is a great way to promote the game, share information, and just discuss the game in general, since many players are auditory and/or visual learners. However, there are are many, many things that just tick me off when I watch NaruTube Videos.

This isn't a flame post on any specific YouTube Channel, however I must note that some Channels tick me off more than others, because everybody, and I mean everybody, does at least one of these things. Before I kill the NaruTube Community, let me remind you that we will be having articles pertaining to specific Set 27 cards on Wednesday and Friday so watch out for that.

Let the execution begin.

"Okay, NvS. I'm not gonna explain it, you should know what the card does and if you don't, you're bad at this game."

I hate when people do this. The whole point of putting Naruto on YouTube was to attract potential players and raise awareness of the game. How is this even going to be accomplished if you don't explain a crucial card and, on top of that, call the viewer bad? Do you really think you're attracting more and more viewers this way? Just explain the card, especially since it's the main card of the deck. I mean, after all, you didn't make a video to just show that you can read the name of cards.

"Okay, NvS. I'm not gonna explain it, you should know what the card does and if you don't, you're bad at this game but, uh, this card is really good. It forces only Genins to battle so since I'm running a lot of Genins, it helps me get Battle Rewards. It's a really good card and you need it to play this deck."

I think I hate the people that do this more than the people that don't explain the card. What the hell? Seriously, why did you even call me bad and claim you weren't going to explain it when you were going to go ahead and explain it anyways? You can't just insult me and then teach me what the card does. This makes you sound like you don't understand your own words.

"Uh, I run two Warhawks. I was gonna run three but I only have two foil ones."

This person needs to reevaluate their decision making skills. The Warhawk is an amazing card, no doubt. Most people run three, so why would you run two just because you don't have a third foil one? Do you like losing with shiny cards? This just makes you sound like an asshole, especially when you're not even good at the game but have money to splurge on foils. Were you also planning on not explaining it since it's so good? But I mean, you only play two.

"So three Shikamaru's Decision, all foil." 
As he proceeds to flip them and do tricks with the cards in the camera to flaunt his foil play-set. 

You're worse than the "I don't have a third foil one" guy. I don't care if your whole deck is foil, just continue with the video and stop giving me a seizure by shaking the damn cards.

"Her [The 5th Mizukage] effect was good but I guess that they revised something on Bandai now that you can't negate Put in Play Ninja effects..."

You know exactly who you are. Please don't give out incorrect rulings, especially on YouTube, the website where 70% of its users are retards. Note that this user gave no evidence to support his claim other than saying it was enacted by the "higher-ups".

That's pretty much it for now. Before I leave you I'm just gonna link you guys to some NaruTube Channels that might be worth checking out. Some are obviously better than others. Hopefully, if they're not complete assholes, they'll promote Mull to Four, but hey, who knows? I mean I did attack the second to last one directly and the last one indirectly. Note that these are not in any particular order.

I lied, they go from best to worst.

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  1. You know why you're bad at this game? Because your deck isn't foiled out.


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