February 3, 2013

With the hair of an Uzumaki, the body of an Akimichi, the face markings of an Inuzuka, and the mouth of a shark, the collectively fertilized child was born! Hit the jump for the actual preview!

So far we've seen every other Swordsman of the Mist. They all seem to have amazing abilities that can injure your opponent's position. However, we  have yet to see one that actually removes a Ninja from the board. Well look no further, because Fuguki Uzumaki-Akimichi-Inuzuka-Suikazan does just that.

At first glance he doesn't look too appealing, and I'm just speaking on his artwork. His stats are still pretty average for his turn, but not for his Sacrifice cost. The latter doesn't matter much since you can ignore that with Kabuto or Mist's Great Swordsmen. His effect, however, is quite powerful. While it is true that he is one of the only [Impure Resurrection] Ninja that have a requirement in addition to a cost, the effect is worthy of such restrictions. 

Now, some of you may be looking at Fuguki and questioning him due to the fact that the opponent gets to discard their Ninja. If it let you pick then he would be amazing and most likely a Super Rare. Water is the Chakra Control theme meaning you'll probably play him in that deck, if at all. Did you notice how many Field Control cards Water has? You've got Utakata, Moment of Weakness, and Arrogance, among many others. By the time you use his effect, their field should be looking pretty small.

As far as fulfilling the requirement of your opponent having no Chakra goes, you shouldn't worry. Water is the main Chakra Control deck. You've got mass Chakra destruction through cards such as Clear Sky or Alliance of Evil. The latter of which can be used by any Deck if the opponent has generated enough Chakra. If you're looking to play this outside of Water, say Lightning for example, you've got the best Chakra destruction card in the game: Exhaustion

This long lost descendant of the Hidden Leaf and Whirlpool isn't the best 5 Drop to ever be printed, but he certainly isn't the worst. His effect isn't too bad; it's also not too hard to fulfill the conditions for it. The only real challenge is getting a second one in Discard Pile. But remember, you can always just have one in there and use Mangetsu.

On top of all those physical traits, Fuguki also has taken up Hair-Ninjutsu, most likely from Jiraiya. Before I go any further, I've always pushed for a Hair Combat Attribute theme. I mean, we actually have Hair as an actual Combat Attribute. Remember Kotohime or Fouka? Jiraiya and the aforementioned Fuguki would be perfect for it. And to some extent Kurenai and Pakkun as well. We've got plenty of Jutsu for them to use. Here are just a few: Hair Camouflage, Chakra Hair Trap, Hair Strangle Jutsu, Art of the Raging Lion's Mane, Sage Art: Kebari Senbon, Needle JizoNinja Dog Art: Hound Clone, and the above card, Needle Senbon.

Now that I've gotten that Hair rant out of the way, let's talk about Needle Senbon itself. At first glance it is extremely reminiscent of Infinite Embrace since it relies on a coin flip and can potential move the target to the Chakra area. Albeit, this card is severely weaker due to its strict requirement of Fuguki and the fact that a tails will give 1 Damage to the target and won't even draw you a card. However, Needle Senbon is better in some ways. It has a lower, more generic, cost and can target any Ninja on the Battlefield.

Will this card see play? Well that is dependent on the playability of Fuguki. Needle Senbon is not bad at all, but it gets overshadowed by many other good, cheap Jutsu in this Set. Who knows, maybe it'll just be another card that feeds the Kimono theme but won't actually see play.

I hope everyone's having a good Superbowl Sunday. Check back next week for another Stormy Battle Preview Review on Saturday and another exclusive preview! Until then...

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  1. Exclusiva de Mull to Four muy bien explicada, gracias. Seguramente alguien encontrara la forma mas malevola de utilizar ambas cartas es cosa de buscar.


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