January 6, 2013

It had been recently announced that the tournament structure for the Naruto CCG was getting a major overhaul.  Chunins saw a major increase in prizing in the form of exclusive promos, Jonin events were announced to be returning and being better than ever, and Shonen Jump Championships are allegedly going to be amazing.  The first round of Chunin event locations have already been posted for Quarter One, and it is now just up to those venues to choose a date to hold their events.  Plan to start attending these new and improved Chunin Events by the end of the month and into February.

As for the Jonin events, the way those are working is that eight locations around North America (Not just the US? See below) who have had a consistent high attendance for their events were selected to have the chance to run a Jonin event during this year.  Those eight locations have been tentatively decided, and barring any problems from the venue side itself, these will be the eight locations for the 2013 Jonin events:

Carta Magica – Montreal, QC 

Currently the only venue outside of the United States that was chosen to receive a Jonin event.  If I am not mistaken, this is the home turf of 2012 Champion Kevin Perron.  It will be interesting to see who makes the trip up to attend this event.  Though, even if only Canadians attend this event, the number of players should be rather high.

Pandemonium Books & Games – Cambridge, MA 

New England as a whole has been known for their high concentration of players, centralized mostly around Massachusetts.  They proved that they definitely had the numbers to host and support a high level event when they were finally bestowed an SJC last year, which happened to have The highest attendance of all SJC that year (Gencon doesn't count) with 69 players.  They also happened to have held a 22 person Chunin event just recently in December.

EPIC Games– Tehachapi, CA 

A location that hosted an SJC last year.  I personally do not know much around the West Coast players or who still plays, but they fielded the second highest numbers last year, so the game must still be going on over there.

Redhawk Gaming – Mooresville, IN 

Indiana has always seemed to have a strong playerbase from what I have seen before.  While they were low on the attendance count this time around, it just made the cut it seems.  It should be noted that Indiana stands out a bit over other states due to having a large amount of active venues.

Heroes & Fantasies (Summit Pkwy) - San Antonio, TX 

Texas has a lot of venues, but it seems that Heroes & Fantasies was able to eke their way out above the rest by sporting a pretty solid amount of players for each of the most recent local events, as well as having a pretty successful Chunin recently.  San Antonia is pretty deep into the heart of Texas, but I believe that if every Texas player made the trip, they'd have a really solid turnout.

Game Parlor – Chantilly, VA 

Game Parlor has been the location for many an SJC over the past few years, and it really only makes sense that they end up being able to host a Jonin with the numbers they usually get for such large events.  The East Coast overall has been a good place to be for this game recently, and players are usually willing to travel up and down the coast to attend events, and Game Parlor Chunins have been pretty consistent as well over the year.

Mark’s Comics – Valley Stream, NY 

New York has had a lot of big events in the past, with venues that rotate in and out of existence as time goes on.  Mark's Comics has been a consistent location over the year it seems, including a special event that was held that garnered more than 30 people due to an extensive amount of special prizing that the Meijin himself put up for everyone. Otherwise the standard turn out appears to be between 11 and 15, sometimes reaching up into the low 20's.  I can't be completely certain because Austin should consider submitting all of his events rather than just 60% of them.

R.I.W Hobbies – Livonia, MI 

Kim Logie's personal venue.  They had an extremely successful SJC earlier in the year, while their second event later on faltered a bit with about half the attendance prior, It's still a good location overall that is accessible to a large variety of players.

As I said above, this is the preliminary list that was released, in other words the locations that currently qualify.  If you are the Meijin of any of these locations, I urge you to get in contact with Andy at doa@bandai.com on order to start making arrangements for when you are going to hold your event this year.  If you happen to be a player in that state or even know the Meijin of one of those locations, I also urge you to get in contact with them and make sure that they get in contact with Andy so that you can be sure that planning for the event can begin.  Things are looking up for the Naruto CCG in 2013 it seems.

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