January 21, 2013

Yes, Mondays are usually for rants, and MJM still may post a rant today, but I am instead going to ramble.  Don't worry, that's a good thing in this case, because I'll be going over everything that we have planned coming up on Mull to Four.

- Rulings Articles

I am currently working on a series of Research Tour articles that delve deep into the inner workings of the Naruto CCG and help explain a lot of the intricacies that will help make anyone a better player overall. Expect articles on effect types, timings, and overall interaction between cards.  My goal is to get the community informed and to help promote a better understanding of the game so that players can all enjoy playing competitively on a more even level or just are able to have fun and understand completely what their cards do.

- Deck Articles

MJM and I have been testing a bunch decks recently and comparing them to what the current meta is running at the moment.  Once we finalize our lists, we will probably post deck articles on some of them.  There are a few that we may want to keep secret for now, but for example, I plan to do an article on my version of the Shimon Field Control Deck very soon.

- Match Commentary

MJM and I have plenty of games that we can post commentary on, and we will be doing that as well.  Most likely, the videos will be tied into Deck articles that we post, unless we just want to commentate on random matches.  Once we get around to actual events, videos of live matches will be coming as well.


Set 28, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, was announced this weekend, and I wasted no time in securing that Mull to Four will be receiving previews.  I can't say just how many or what yet, as I don't even know, but hopefully we will receive some cards that we can discuss in depth and really offer some good insight on.

- Another (arguably easier) Contest

So, the last contest wasn't much of a contest because nobody won, that sort of made it an exercise in futility. The point in holding a contest after all, it for someone to win.  Our next contest that will be posted in February will not be a challenge of your Mental Power, but rather something else, which means someone is certain to win.  More to come on this about a week before the contest is actually announced.

- New Site Template

I know, I have been meaning to get around to this since the beginning of the year.  The black background is too much of a stark contrast to the normal paler background of most other websites, and I've found that after reading an article on Mull to Four, switching back to such a brighter screen can be jarring on the eyes.  I apologize for this and plan to remedy it shortly.

Well, that's mostly it for now. Be sure to check back daily for any updates, which we will be announcing both in our thread on the Naruto CCG forum Here, and our Facebook Page Here.

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