May 1, 2013

It was the best of times, it west the worst of times. This game has been on a steady decline since around Set 16. The signs weren't obvious at first, but as the player base cried for better support of the game, the game continued to worsen. Cards were imbalanced, prize support was lacking, opportunity was scarce, and the player base was just awful. Yet, for some odd reason, we found hope in this declining card game; Bandai saw similar hope and pushed reform and change. But, despite all this, this game we all loved suddenly died. Died from what you ask? Simply put, a broken heart.

Before we continue, let's recount a few of the major events in history that has been associated with this day, May 1st.

  • Adolf Hitler's Death
  • Osama Bin Laden's Death
  • Naruto CCG's Death
  • MJM's AP United States History Final
  • The May flowers caused by April showers
Coincidence? We'll let the investigative team answer that one.

No but on a serious note, the end of the Naruto CCG is tragic. No one thought that the CCG would end before the series. But this is not the only thing that comes with such an event. Here's a list I've compiled of the consequences of this game's death.

  • Hundreds of YouTube channels have no purpose
  • Trade Cards Online loses a great portion of their activity
  • Odion F. Baby and kyuubirasengan actually have to go to school
  • pyrot53's credentials in the Naruto CCG mean nothing
  • spiritomb's questions will remain unanswered for the rest of eternity
  • Hundreds of collections that were once worth thousands are now worthless
  • All those packs in your local Target are still priced at $4
  • MJM is finally free from Bandai's grasp
Now for the question we've all been waiting for. Will Mull to Four still continue? That my friends, is up to you. Do you want us to continue posting content every now and then? And if so, about what? Leave a comment or discuss in the Bandai thread. See you all later... maybe...

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  1. "Before we continue, let's recount a few of the major events in history that has been associated with this day, May 1st."

    What about Ayrton Senna's death?

    As for the awful players base remark, in what aspect is it awful? You probably personally know only about 1% out of all Naruto players in the world, yet you make such a statement. I don't think the game's ending has anything to do with how successful it's been, it's much likely that it's about something totally irrelevant, decided at the top of the company or some outside factor.

  2. Maybe an article on the top influential/meta impactful cards throughout the entire game history. Like top 20?

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  4. Naruto has not been one of the top games on Tradecardsonline for some time. Last months automated Naruto tournament had only 39 qualifying players. Many other games, including Yugioh, Magic, Mitos y Leyendas, and Duel Masters all have more active users.

    Naruto will continue to be hosted on TCO and will still provide Online play for the foreseeable future, as well as providing a place for users to try completing their collections. At least Bandai had the courtesy to make an announcement for Naruto, unlike Dragonball.

    Herald of Naruto, Dragonball, Blue Dragon, and Digimon CCGs at Tradecardsonline

  5. Please continue, although the brake strategy game always see something cool thank especially combinations of unlimited play at least here in Chile had a strong guide as to the vision of the game, thanks for your work and attentive wait their new posts.

  6. I would love to see you guys continue to post content, please keep it coming for just a little while at least. Keep the game going in our heads and hearts for just a little while longer.


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