January 1, 2014

Have you ever opened a hand and tossed it back just to do it again? That's right, I mean have you ever mulligan'd twice? In other words, have you ever mulled to four? I'm sure you have, but here's the catch. Have you ever mulled to four and kept going strong? Maybe you won with it. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you stacked your deck like Nick Brady did with his OTK—there's no fucking way it's that consistent Brady. I mean Jordan Markle scrubbed out with the same exact deck at the same exact event. Either you cheated or he's just awful at the game. I'll be content with the latter.

Anyways, point is, you mulled to four and kept going. If you haven't figured it out by now—though you probably should have by the sheer fact that there is an article up—the poorly executed extended metaphor above means Mull to Four is back! That's right, we're back in business baby (Thomas Cao voice).

But MJM, Naruto is dead. The only people who still play it are the people in that Facebook group and the idiots on TCO who still play with the last Rogue List "constructed" by Bandai. 

That's true. That's very true. We can still discuss the Naurto CCG, to an extent, however we have to branch out into other interests. But like what? Well, Mull to Four was started because Shino'sDad and I wanted to have fun with Bandai and their Naruto CCG. We wished to make fun of the player base, without the repercussions present on the forums, as well as educate and teach those morons. But now we can't do that.

What we can do is talk about the things we all like. Although we do not heavily play Magic: The Gathering, all of us enjoy the game and still play for fun. I draft, Shino'sDad plays EDH, and our other guy watches as his younger brother makes ridiculous profit from the game. In other words, yeah, we'll be talking about Magic: The Gathering. It's probably one of the best card games ever created and it's only fair that we spend some time on it.

All of our staff writers also read manga. No we are not weeaboo-wannabes that think we know everything about every manga (though I can tell you everything about One Piece) however, we do read a lot of manga. Of course, we read the big three: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach. We read Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan. Note that we currently hate Fairy Tail, Bleach, and to an extent, Naruto. We also read a lot of other stuff too. Monster, 20th Century Boys, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Terra Formers, Prison School, etc. That last one and anything ecchi is Shino'sDad's forte. So yeah, we'll be talking about manga. We're not quite sure what we're going to do exactly but anything is possible. Maybe we can follow the footsteps of our favorite Youtuber and do chapter reviews?

We've been dabbling in Pokemon for a while now. Not the card game, not the anime, but the video game. Specifically, Pokemon Showdown. We all enjoy playing on it with unique teams, unless you're our third staff writer in which case you enjoy using Standard OU teams and think using Cresselia makes your team not Standard OU (Hint: It's still Standard OU you piece of shit). We might even stream or record some battles and upload them to our YouTube or our Twitch, which we haven't made yet because we aren't prepared for anything (This was being written at 11:19 PM on December 31, 2013).

Oh, I guess we can stream or record some Magic as well. That would probably just be me drafting on Cockatrice. Now before all of you suddenly become Pro Tour level players and scream at me for not using MTGO, we may or may not switch to MTGO. The only reason why we wouldn't is because we're all cheap as fuck.

Eh, that's pretty much it. We can probably just talk about random shit that goes on in our lives. We all rant a lot about others so that could be a thing. It most likely will be a thing. We have our random musings and just like to have fun without being restrained. I know we aren't really special or big as far as the world goes—though I'd like to think differently—but we are some pretty cool guys. Except The Nose Path. That's all the introduction he's getting. Even that last sentence was too much of an introduction for that kid.

~In loving memory of Alex Blandin: Friend, Father, and most importantly Fuckface~

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  1. Showdown is always a good time.

  2. did the facebook post about this get deleted?

  3. For those of you interesting Naruto will be brought back, not trolling...Please click link.


    1. That is definitely in no way the same as the Naruto CCG, since it's a Deck Building Game rather than a Collectible Card Game.

  4. I didn't mean it was the same game, I'm just saying another Naruto card game is coming out, and they come out with expansions so your not playing with the same cards etc... it mechanics they used in the Naruto CCG are going to be similar in this game.


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