Mull to Four began as the love child brainchild of MJM and Shino'sDad in November of 2012. Initially dedicated to Bandai's Naruto CCG, Mull to Four tried to fill the void left behind by previous content creators in the Naruto CCG community. Numerous blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels had fallen off and a new go-to source for banter and strategy was needed more than ever.

The duo maintained the blog for about two years, all the while offering previews, reviews, and even insider information on the Naruto CCG. Then all of a sudden, on one fateful day in May of 2013, Bandai announced the death of the game. With it came the end of an era and the end of Mull to Four...

... That is, until 2014. MJM and Shino'sDad loved writing for Mull to Four, so much so that they wondered if they could keep it up even without their beloved Naruto CCG. Evidently, they couldn't. Only posting two articles that year, Mull to Four died once again. Though, during its short lived return, a new writer, The Nose Path, had been added to the ranks.

Flash forward a year to 2015. MJM must have been bored out of his mind or something. A revamped website and a renewed sense of purpose led to the second, second coming of Mull to Four. But all the HTML was for naught, as the motivation for maintaining the website went as quickly as it came.

The year is 2017! The month is June! The writing staff had kept in touch while going about their own lives and playing their own games. MJM had been working on his undergrad; Shino'sDad had been running his business; and The Nose Path had been doing whatever it is Nose Paths do (as well as making a name for himself in the Force of Will community as the self-proclaimed greatest). When Bandai announced their Dragon Ball Super CCG, MJM ran for the bat-signal. It was time to gather the staff of Mull to Four.

Today, Mull to Four lives as an all-purpose card gaming blog, with primary focus on the Dragon Ball Super CCG. Though, the staff still enjoys their favorites such as Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and Force of Will (just to name a few). The future burns bright.


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