June 4, 2017

The results of Team Allies Organized Play's West Coast Special Jonin are in!

Some of this weekend's competitors.

On Saturday June 3rd, Team Allies Organized Play, in conjunction with Juan Robles, held its first West Coast event in Fresno, California. 

Over the past few years, Team Allies have become the unlikely saviors of the Naruto CCG. Since the game's death in 2013, many have wished for the game's continuation through player-organized events and leadership. The first of these attempts was by our very own The Nose Path a few years back with his event at GenCon. Players have since organized their own smaller events at local hobby stores, but most recently Team Allies has taken the initiative to create organized play for the dead game. This is their second tournament effort and, from the looks of it, it was a resounding success!

More information is coming in as players return to their homes, but for now you can check out the Top 8 as well as some coverage.

1. Anthony Hernandez 
2. Eric Hill
3. Jonathan Taveras
4. James Hopkins
5. Levi Love
6. Eh'ren Hill
7. Bryan Samuel
8. Juan Romero

Note: If you're not a member of the Naruto CCG Forums Facebook group, you may not be able to watch the coverage. Join today!

Eh'ren Hill vs Brandon Gregory
Credit: Juan Robles
Eh'ren Hill vs ???
Credit: Eh'ren Hill
Yoshi Smith vs Juan Robles
Credit: Juan Robles
Top 8: Anthony Hernandez vs Levi Love
Credit: Eudi Germosen
Top 8: Eric Hill vs Bryan Samuel
Credit: Eric Hill
??? vs ???
Credit: Jason Smith
??? vs ???
Credit: Eudi Germosen

Any help in identifying players is much appreciated.

Thanks and congratulations goes out to Anthony Hernandez for organizing and winning the event. Great job to the Top 8 and much love to all who participated and made this possible. The future of the Naruto CCG looks bright!

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