January 6, 2015

Guess who's back... Back again...

Hey guys! It's been a while (about a year, actually)! Remember when we promised content last year It's okay, neither do we! Heh, heh, heh... That fell apart rather quickly and we apologize for that. The timing just wasn't right–we all had different responsibilities that overcame our personal lives. But now, 2015, is our year!

This new year means a lot of new things for us here at Mull to Four but even more for you. You should have noticed by now that our site looks completely different. We revamped everything so it looks better and is easier on the eyes. Not only that, we added a ton of new features. I'm sure you have clicked around by now but allow me to take you on a tour of the new and improved Mull to Four website!

We have many different pages and features lined up at the top of the site for you so everything you may need is in one accessible place. You'll notice that all of our articles have been organized by year for your convenience. Going down the line, we have the Podcasts page. While articles are a great form of content, reading one after the other can get tiresome, and we get that. We plan on taking some of our content to the spoken medium.

Next up is our Naruto CCG section. Mull to Four began as a blog dedicated to the Naruto CCG but as the years went by, the game died and our attention moved on. While we are currently focused on card gaming as a whole, we could not find it in ourselves to completely abandon the card game that started it all, for us at least. A few of the subpages are still under construction but as of now you can check out the current Unlimited Format Rogue List, as proposed by Mull to Four, as well as some information on our future tournaments. We've also linked to you the card search engine made by your fellow players whom we do not know the identities of (if you made that awesome website, reach out to us! We'd love to talk). We're also working on a special project... More on that in the coming weeks!

We're also in the process of setting up two features that are going where Mull to Four has never gone before. In the near future, we will have both our Shop and our Donate pages up and running. The Shop will be stocked with different card gaming and Mull to Four merchandise. More details soon! The Donate page will be up just in case you guys are feeling generous.

Why are you even setting up these money-related features? You're probably going to die off in a month.





Well, last year we really dropped the ball. We apologize for that. Unlike our actions from last year, our plans this year have been thought out. We plan on doing a lot this year. While I can't go into too much just yet, I can say that some our plans, such as tournaments, require a bit of start up money. While we are willing to use our own money, some help wouldn't hurt. Don't feel obligated to do anything, especially when we haven't had any other content in a year...

In the Downloads page you can find anything cool that we've made for you guys. So far we have a couple tokens made by our very own Shino'sDad from a few years back. We'll let you know whenever we add new items!

The last two sections are just formalities. They're still under some construction but we would like you guys to know who we are. We are serious. Heh, heh... heh... But really! Also, there are opportunities for you to help us make Mull to Four something greater than what it already is! Check those pages out for more information.

Scroll down a little further on the main page and you'll see our latest and most popular articles. The frequency of our articles won't likely be unpredictable for a bit but trust us that we will deliver. We have plans for different content. Ideas include different aspects of card gaming, decks, reviews, and anything else under the umbrella that is card gaming.

Down below we'll have a fun interactive feature that we'll change up every now and then. As of now we have some polls we can use to see what our fans want. Speaking of polls...

Before I leave you, please take some time to check out the following poll.

We have plans to host another event at GenCon this year and we just want to see who's interested.

Thanks guys. More content will be up in the coming weeks. Until next time!


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